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Purpose Driven


Our Business

7-21 Capital Group is an emerging market private equity investment firm focused on bridging institutional investors with growing opportunities in East Africa. We invest in established businesses and early stage companies, helping entrepreneurs build value and grow their businesses. We look for opportunities to generate attractive returns for our investors and partners, while adding socio-economic value to the communities in which we work.


Our motto, “Purpose Driven Investments,” is our belief that investors will enjoy sustained wealth creation while at the same time lifting millions out of poverty.

Our international structure and local expertise enable us to find unique opportunities in a complex and often inefficient market. 7-21 Capital Group adds value by partnering with businesses to drive financial growth and sustainable impact in their communities.

Core Values and Principles

We are committed to maintaining the highest integrity in everything we do individually and as a firm. We believe the keys to sustainable growth are steadfast commitment, smooth transitions, and minimal interruption to current operations and customers.


Our investment outlook is five to seven years because we believe that the team approach is the right approach. We lend our global investment perspective, operational knowhow, and deep relationship networks to build long-lasting value for our investors through passion, flexibility, integrity and ongoing partnerships.


Contact Us

The first step in developing a partnership is an introduction. If you represent an investor or a business owner looking to transition, secure their legacy, or realize the value of their hard work, introduce yourself to 7-21 Capital Group. Our team is always ready to engage new opportunities.

We look forward to partnering with you!

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