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How We Create Value

We invest in industry sectors that we understand and in companies that have a wider view of the impact they bring to their communities and the country as a whole.

One of the primary tenants of our value proposition is the 7-21 Capital Group Advisory Board, which consists of business leaders, leading academics, and entrepreneurs with experience in various industries and regions around the world. The advisory board members contribute their skills and expertise to our portfolio companies during various ownership phases, and serve as an integral part of 7-21 Capital Group’s business model and approach.

The advisory board members provide competence on operational and strategic issues, identify and evaluate attractive investment opportunities, take positions on the portfolio company boards, and support development throughout 7-21 Capital Group’s ownership period. The 7-21 Capital Group management team works closely with this network of advisors to ensure the due diligence process is executed in the best possible manner.

Our international structure and local expertise enable us to find unique opportunities in a complex and often inefficient market. 7-21 Capital Group adds value by partnering with businesses to drive financial growth and sustainable impact in their communities. 

Sustainable Value Creation Network

Once 7-21 Capital Group positions a portfolio company on a transformative path of growth, we aim to exit the investment via IPO, trade sale, a sale back to a partner, or a management buyout. Our responsible exit strategy aims to leave an enduring profit with purpose legacy.

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